complicit walls

your safety is a torment.

you say you are patriotic, generous, you respect the flag and country and the rule of law.  swamps are not your thing. you’ve worked hard and deserve every gold coin. 

america is the greatest country that has ever existed, you say –
an inspirational experiment in justice and liberty for all.  don’t like the way we do things here? get out. 

you are blind.
you are limited.
you are angry.

you are scared.

you can’t keep out OTHER. your sand bags against change are sagging and weak. the seams in your walls are full of holes that time will increase.



your children are starving, your father is on a hit list, your mother was raped, your family never gets a good night’s sleep because you fear violence in the night, your daughter needs heart surgery, your son is a gifted mathematician and needs access to education… will you stay were you are or will you do everything you can to escape and find a glimmer of hope, a chance, safe harbor.

you are a patriot.
you defend your country that stands for liberty and justice
for all.

you labor.
you learn.
you speak.
you break the wall down.

you change your mind.

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