Fiber and Force

Living fibrous matter in all shapes and sizes, perpetually reaching.

Squirrel, hanging on our tree by two hind legs, tiny bites its way through an unripe pear until its belly is momentarily full, drops the half-eaten pear to compost, ensuring the circle of life and death.

Birthed to hang on.
Driven to survive.

Girl, an intermix of woman and child, hangs on by finger tips to her future self, simultaneously limited and emboldened by genetic recipe,
while experience breaks the skin, growing scar tissue that just won’t heal,

her body betrays her, pulls her down from the rocky heights, tries to block the view,

Her bravery overcomes and she reaches for one more hold,
pulling herself to the next branch,

she sees and swings.

Muscles tear, stretch, build stronger.
Cells knit together to shape
dancer, astronaut, underwater welder, entreprenuer, wife, mom, dog walker, poet.

With each careful, anxious step squirrel descends and zig zags across the grass – another day, another miracle, another try.

Girl, The roar of the universe resides inside,
a force as light as hummingbirds and as powerful as the impossible.



August 2, 2018