Post Election thoughts

Exhausting day of processing all this…. comforting scared children worried their immigrant father and friends might get sent away… consoling tearful exhausted students that are gay, activist, black, muslim, etc etc.. seeing comments by FBers that are pro-trump.. listening to members of our local UU church talk about how we need to listen to those that are angry and disenfranchised enough to vote for such a person.. sad that i disagree so deeply and profoundly with so many in my own family… scared of the violence that will befall on innocent people by sanctioned sexual predators, racists and militarized and emboldened police … wondering what I can DO to stem the bleeding that the country feels.

To those in the middle of the country that is are so red with anger – i do hope that trump will fix your problems. but please don’t resort to racism, hate and misogyny. No one is ‘taking” your jobs or your money away from you. You don’t deserve any more or less than the first nation people that were here before you (and mostly murdered) or the descendants of slaves that were placed here against their will (probably before your ancestors were), or the newest of immigrants escaping horrific conditions in another part of the world. We have to be smarter, inventive, and willing to change to figure it out.

To my friends (known and unknown) that are every color of the rainbow and especially my black friends, I’m with you, will continue work to fight racism every chance I get and will stand by you. To my LGBT friends (known and unknown), I’m with you, will continue work to make a world where you feel safe and accepted.

To my students, i will continue to protect your right to freedom of expression and the open space you need to grow. Art heals, expands and educates. It does change the world.

To the birds, bees, waters, and earth – I will continue to do what i can to get rid of the plastic and poisons that are killing us all.

To my daughters, we are in this together.

More than half of the vote went to hope, sharing, openness, and tolerance. I’m going to re-focus my activism, hold my family close, and remain unapologetically progressive, liberal, secular, and educated.

I’m also going to take an FB break. good night.