This is a Poem about Veteran’s Day

Freddie Mercury
Lucinda Williams
Jimi Hendrix
Arianna Grande

You pick your own faves.

A direct line to my soul.
That energy that pulls me out of despair.

20 million dead in WW1
50 million or more in WW2
60,000 US soldiers in the Vietnam War
307 mass shootings in the US so far in 2018

Voter suppression,
Sins of slavery still dragging us through the mud,
Self-death of friends,
And the whales are dying.

what makes your smile curl up unconsciously?
Where in your body is the joy that shatters anger and hatred?

Talent, imagination, beauty, love, the force of survival –
Rails against the machine and drive us to highs that make us quiver with pleasure.

Sweat and ecstasy – better then memes, better than likes.

We are the champions. Damn it. The power junkies continue to suffocate, poison, arrest, and demoralize us. But they are wrong. The universe knows this.

They, them, theirs –
The fragility of invention and discovery alongside the consequences of support.
An incredible opportunity and a dangerous precipice.
Doing our best is not good enough.

Yet, we fight for your becoming.

Freedom is not free. Evolution is a constant state of war.

Dance with me.

The bastards won’t win.
We have honor. And weapons. And tolerance, love and crescendo are on the right side of history.







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