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My work is inspired by the fusion of Eastern and Western art traditions. I like the poetry in Chinese painting, as well as the abstraction and power of American contemporary art. Driven deeply to study how to convey my worldview and experience, I record the phenomena of daily life, morsel by morsel, beautiful and possibly ugly.

I see my works as a kind of narration, a combination of internal activities and external observation. My thought is inextricably linked with ancient Chinese philosophy and modern American avant-garde culture.

There is an important character in my work, who resembles a hieroglyph, and acts as a protagonist on a journey. He is a Chinese pictogram of a Chinese word (大) meaning big or large, and he appears as a man who stands with arms wide open. It is a symbol personified and anthropomorphized. It suggests some phenomena of society, and this character also represents myself.



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LI WANG was born in China and educated at Tai Yuan Teacher’s College in ShanXi province. In 1991 he became an Official Art Teacher. He came to the U.S. In 1995 to open a solo art exhibition in West Virginia. His work has been exhibited at Harbor Gallery Boston, and Syosset-Woodbury and Bellport Community Centers in NYC. He graduated from UMass Boston with a BA in Art in 2017. Li continually strives through self-study to master Chinese ink painting and traditional mural painting techniques. His practice is influenced by both traditional Chinese and American contemporary art. His work is held in private collections in the US, England, Japan, China, and Singapore.