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My artistic process begins with a desire to understand “universal energy”: how each of our consciousnesses explores visual forms. Two primary forms inhabit my work: Dots and Lines, which together evoke everything in the universe. Dots are atoms, cells, and stars. Lines are the continuity of life. I believe that the Line is the extended form of the Dot, but I also try to observe these as independent entities. I try to use all of my senses to observe and investigate these forms. The interaction of dot, line, color, and pattern generates the energy I seek to understand and make visible. I experience a sense of vibration across the multidimensional surface during this process. I am interested in the properties of colors, including viscosity & velocity, which provide a tactile surface experience that is open to many interpretations.

I am fascinated by the correlation between science and art, particularly through my own experience with analysis in neuroscience. In the search for the evidence of universal human consciousness, I experience connections with the occult, the surrealists’ so-called pataphysics (metaphysics), and theosophy. Coming from India, I try to develop a common language in my works, which should not be limited to one’s own culture, religion, or race. I am also interested in the meeting points of Eastern and Western philosophical and psychological traditions, which influences my imagination and shapes my awareness.


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NEETU SINGHAL is a painter, sculptor, and printmaker originally from India. Her work has been shown internationally, in the United States, Mauritius & Norway. In 2019, she was selected for the Florence Biennale. Her work has also been exhibited in several solo and group shows, including a recent group exhibition at Harvard T.H. Chan public health center in Boston, Curated by MassArt’s Center for Art and Community Partnerships (CACP). Her previous studies and professional background are in the field of Biotechnology.