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Hung-Ju Kan uses acrylic and oil paint to combine symbolic patterns with foggy backgrounds and ghost-like figures. His work shares a sentimental connection to his state of mind. Each figure and pattern specifically correlates to his personal memories and life experiences. His current body of work weaves his visual experience of moving to Boston with memory fragments and feelings from his hometown. Here, through two carriers: “memory” and “feeling,” he regards his new experiences in the United States as a creative matrix. These are a kind of diary, made up a visual elements such as blooming or faded flowers, daily scenery, and fluctuating weather. Floral cloth patterns are employed to trace the emotional connection between the artist and his hometown, and echo the various memories between the present and the past.



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 HUNG-JU KAN was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1993. He graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts with a BFA in Painting and Calligraphy Arts. Kan explores common aesthetic ideas shared by both classical Oriental aesthetics and contemporary Western arts. By connecting to personal memories and combining them with impressions of Boston, Kan generates a special resonance in time and emotion in order to discover something new, and have it echo with the city in a memorable way.