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My multidisciplinary practice is conceptually grounded in Eastern religious philosophy and contemporary social issues, as a means to enquire into our relationship with the universe. I intend to place human intervention into a created divine realm to pursue the essence of divinity and spirituality. I look to profoundly detach from self-awareness in the process of creating large-scale intuitive drawings and immersive installations. In my paintings, the saffron color is the evidence of human trace, which invigorates the solemn realm established by gold and indigo gestures. Regarding time-based media works, the sound becomes a vital evocation of the divine presence. My work often functions as a mantra, serving to blur the boundary of the inner and outer world to see the self and universe as One. Responding to worldwide disasters, including the current pandemic, my recent mural work Heart Sutra, and video Omphalós convey sympathy and prayer for people and their suffering.



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HUIQUAN JIANG is a visual artist working across mediums with mural, drawing, video, installation, and sculpture. Before coming to MassArt to earn her MFA, she attended the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, receiving a BFA in traditional Chinese painting in 2018. Her work enquires into the relationship between the sacred creation and human presence, in touch with deconstructing self-awareness. With each work, she creates and visits a “God-given place”; each work therefore becomes a contemplative, even meditative pilgrimage, creating a totemic relationship between maker and space.