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Images of the forest seen and unseen:

I think of my work as the space between representational and non-representational painting. An image informed in part by my memories of a place and glorified within my emotions. The natural world has always had my attention as an artist, previously painting large flowers and still life’s. My current work focuses in on the forest, paintings of medium size on wood and canvas panels, sometimes starting on paper then moving into paint. Images of the forest fires of California and the natural forest I often see in the Blue Hills near my home.

My new work is making a connection to the physical sensory internal static of the physical, stepping into the unseen forest. The forest touches the phenomenological nature of my being, an image that you cannot smell, you cannot feel or touch, but remember well. These memories of being, the spiritual connection we all feel toward nature a shared moment on the canvas. This work is acrylics on canvas.

Boston based artist and educator Maureen Riley work includes paintings and drawings of the Natural world around her. Images from the Blues Hills near her home fill her photos and memories from which she draws inspiration. The forest and devastation caused by man-made Environmental destruction of the California wild fires happening evermore often envelope current work.

Her paintings and drawings of mixed media include oil, acrylics, wood and canvas. The artist draws from famous work by Cezanne and Gerhard Richter that speak to the emotionality sometimes representational, sometimes Abstract.