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My inspiration exists intertwined throughout the borders of disgust and fear. The desire to reveal the aesthetic within horrid and disturbing subjects excites my artistic practice.  I am wandering through a visual journey of discovering the objects and occurrences that unsettle the stomach, deliver anxiety, and in some cases disturb the psyche to the point of terror.  I am in search of the putrid, the appalling, the undesired.  Images of decomposing human and animal flesh, rotting food, microscopic photos of the parasites living off our bodies, clusters of tiny holes; these are the components that prompt my visual language.

I receive these unwanted optical specimens and transform them in a manner that is slightly tolerable to experience, almost to the point of gratification.  The transformation is executed through delicately rendered pen and ink drawings on paper and translucent paper.  The drawings are produced with elegance which in turn allows them to live on the aesthetic plane.

This current body of work is entitled Decomposed.  Through this collection of drawings, I seek to reveal the beauty in decay, and transform my drawing process into a new cycle, giving each study a new existence.  These drawings expose the truth of what we cannot control; disease, parasites, bacteria, rotting flesh, all of which are part of a cycle of the inevitable; death.

K. Haskell is a mixed media visual artist, draftsperson, and illustrator. Originally from the Boston area, they moved to New York in 2001 to pursue a BA from Marymount Manhattan College in Graphic Design. Haskell has shown in a variety of venues throughout New York, including The Gershwin Hotel, The Governors Island Art Fair, The Old Stone House and Trestle Gallery.

Haskell’s Pronouns are They, Them, Theirs.


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