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I embrace the duality of resilience and fragility in both nature and body, as a means toward navigating the extremes of human emotion and the elements of the natural world. Collaboration, intuition and deep listening fundamentally serve in response to “the spirit of all things” in my work.  A sensitivity to the nervous systems, visceral organs and movements of the body are inherent. I meet materials where I find them, often repurposing them, letting their essence speak through me in exploration of multiple mediums and disciplines.

My current body of work has an authentic ‘weathering’ quality as it literally met with the elements of nature and hand.  It simultaneously exposes parts disrupted and an integrated weave, mutable with each representation. The monotype images transferred from the installation sculpture embody a physical contact with the work and the inclusion of that which is often overlooked, the unseen, the discarded, unheard.

Maura Cronin has exhibited throughout the North Shore since 2013, including Rocky Neck Cultural Center and Rockport Art Association. She mentors Montserrat College students in yoga therapy and in the curation of community art exhibitions at the Inner Source Wellness Gallery. Cronin was awarded artist residency in Viterbo, Italy in 2017.


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