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With my work, I practice imagining the liminal space between consciousness, memory and sensory experiences. I am interested in the fallibility of childhood memories and their effects on the response to visual information, story-telling and the construction of my identity. Using paint and objects both found and manufactured, these ideas naturally evolve into abstracted assemblages and installations. Images, stories and writings partner to develop a dialogue that is primarily concerned with the transfiguring power of nostalgia, language barriers, grief and time. The work is concerned with cultural hybridity and the spiritual, mystical phenomenon of the mind specifically they we subconsciously select and store information to later build our sense of self and others. 

B. Chehayeb is an artist in Brooklyn by way of Boston. She holds a BFA in Painting from the University of North Texas with studies in Creative Writing. Her work spans a wide range of media and focuses on the reconstruction of failed memories, specifically memories warped by nostalgia and cultural hybridity. In 2020, Chehayeb will attend as Artist in Residence at the Massachussets Museum of Contemporary Art with the Massachussets College of Art and Design Fellowship Award as well as The Vermont Studio Center with the Artist Merit Scholarship. Her work has been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally, including her most recent invitation to exhibit with Delphian Gallery in London as a 2020 Open Call winner.


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