Automata Links

General Information
Automata from Frankin Institute
History of Artifical Life (Wikipedia)

British Automata Artists
(much of the automata making world is centered in England)
Automata – Mechanical Sculpture, Collectible Automaton hand-made
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre – A Museum of Automata
be sure to see their past events
Automata and Mechanical toys
Flying Pig – Paper Animation Kits (commercial)
be sure to see the Mechanisms page (Rob Ives)

A Few Automata Artists
Arthur Ganson – see the permanent collection of his work at the MIT Museum
Chomick+Meder : Figurative Art and Automata
Martin Smith
Dug North – woodworker
Dan Torpey
Christy Georg
Theo Jansen (TED talk)
Rob Ives – paper artist and creator of Flying Pig

Odds and Ends
Edison-style cylinder recording kit – discontinued, but look at construction technique
Emile Berliner Gramophone kit – also discontinued
The Modern Compendium of Miniature Automata
(flash based electronic life environment)
Instructables – “the world’s biggest show & tell”
Make – technology on our time
Extensive collection of links to Kinetic Art

Engineering & Mechanisms
Mark Holthouse – HS Engineering in Westwood MA – see engME.htm engee.htm 
Brock Institute page of virtual mechanisms
Automata information from Franklin Institute Science Museum

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