Arduino Options

There are many options for purchasing your own Arduino. Some of them are explored in this PDF. Note, we strongly suggest using a breadboard so that you have room to experiment with sensors, LEDs, and other devices. Shields are sexy and compact, but don’t provide enough space to work.

PDF describing some arduino_options

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Hello world!

Those of you who know me know that I work almost endlessly helping artists navigate the worlds between their usual practice and the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Programming. This site is intended as a small collection of projects, ideas, circuits, programs, and sketches that I’m currently invested in. Some of the material will be useful; some is still in an early ideation/development state.

Expect to find jpegs and pdfs or circuits and text ramblings, Max and PD patches, Processing & Arduino sketches, links to other Websites, and various reference materials.

Feel free to send e-mail or post corrections, additions, and other useful stuff.


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