Automata Links

General Information
Wikipedia’s Automaton page
History of Artifical Life (Wikipedia)

British Automata Artists (much of the automata making world is centered in England)
Automata – Mechanical Sculpture, Collectible Automaton hand-made
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre – A Museum of Automata
be sure to see their past events
Automata and Mechanical toys
Flying Pig – Paper Animation Kits (commercial)
be sure to see the Mechanisms page (Rob Ives)

A Few Automata Artists
Chomick+Meder : Figurative Art and Automata
Martin Smith
Dug North – woodworker
Dan Torpey
Rob Ives – paper artist and creator of Flying Pig

Artists making kinetic art
Arthur Ganson – see the permanent collection of his work at the MIT Museum
Diane Landry – sculptor
Reuben Margolin – kinetic sculptor
Jeff Liebermanpiece at Biogen in Kendall Sq Cambridge, MA
Banksy’s Pet Shop installation
Anne Lilly – Boston area
Christy Georg – MassArt alum
Theo Jansen (TED talk)
Chris Fitch – Boston area

Engineering & Mechanisms
Brock Institute page of virtual mechanisms
Automata information from Franklin Institute Science Museum
507 Mechanical Movements (many animated)
Generate plans to make laser cut boxes
Slip ring bearing for rotating electrical connections – buymake

Odds and Ends
Edison-style cylinder recording kit – discontinued, but look at construction technique
Emile Berliner Gramophone kit – also discontinued
The Modern Compendium of Miniature Automata
(flash based electronic life environment)
Instructables – “the world’s biggest show & tell”
Make – technology on our time
Extensive collection of links to Kinetic Art

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