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Each year MassArt sponsors the gallery show Why I Write. Why I Create where students explore the essence of their work. On large banners hung in the main Tower hallway, they dispense with subtlety and unleash a full range of feelings with their words and their art. They show us a commitment to passionate work that requires creativity, risk, dedication, and sacrifice. In this blog, we present a behind-the-scenes look at this gallery show. The blog posts are composed of verbatim excerpts from student interviews unless otherwise noted. Afterwards, we ask one faculty member—students choose the faculty member—to reflect on the student interview in light of their teaching practices.

In 2017, we will begin to publish students’ reflections on their participation in the show. We invite you to explore what it takes to create a story that is true from the heart, to be drawn to its passion, to be aroused in your own spirit.

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