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In the annual gallery show Why I Write. Why I Create, art students offer intimate portrayals on learning to deliver truths through art.

In this blog, we present a behind-the-scenes look at the gallery show through interviews with student participants.

Each blog post shows how refreshing students find the sense of openness—vulnerability—in their responses to Why I Write. Why I Create.
One student participant, fashion designer Andrea–Lijoy Shields, expresses the feelings many participants share: “I feel this great appreciation
that I am allowed to enter someone’s inner thoughts. As I read, I can feel the person evolve. And as they evolve, I begin to evolve.”

After the interview, student participants choose one faculty person to respond to their reflections with this question:
What does this interview provoke in you about the skills you strive to teach? Faculty responses are posted with the student interviews.

For further introduction to the gallery shows for Why I Write. Why I Create, please see the introduction to the exhibitions and
the sample banners below.

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Exhibition Banner 2017

Exhibition Banner 2017"I am a translator"

Exhibition Banner 2016


Exhibition Banner 2016veronica-pedrosa

Exhibition Banner 2015


 Exhibition Banner 2015wiwwic_ethan_hamby_12x18