Who We Are

We are teachers, visual artists, writers, scholars, and activists focused on building educational settings that are available to everyone interested in creative growth. We feel we are as strong as the link between teaching moments across generations.

In Why I Write. Why I Create, one generation teaches the next how to have courage to show what it takes to deliver truths through art.

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Partners in Achievement,

Jeanette Luise Eberhardy, PhD, MFA
Writer, Educator, Scholar
Program Coordinator, 1st Year Writing
Assistant Professor, MassArt

Mercedes Sherrod-Evans, JD
Activist, Certified in Dispute Resolution
Chief Diversity Officer, MassArt

Lyssa Palu-ay, PhD, MFA
Artist, Educator, Scholar
Academic Compass Coordinator
Associate Professor Studio Foundation, MassArt

Lin Haire-Sargeant, PhD
Writer, Playwright, Memoirist
Chair, Department of Liberal Arts
Professor of Literature and Writing, MassArt