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Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Winners

The Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Show is the most prestigious competition for illustration students in the country. Of nearly 7600 entries less than 200 pieces were selected to be part of the exhibition which will take place in NYC at the Society of Illustrators museum and also be printed in the show catalog.

The Illustration Department is pleased to announce that Victoria Maxfield and Domenic Civiello, both Juniors, have the honor of being selected to be included in the show!

DomVic03We asked Victoria and Domenic to talk about their work to get some insight into the art they created for the projects.
Maxfield_Victoria_02Victoria Maxfield

The Swallow and Other Birds was for the final assignment in Editorial Illustration with Scott Bakal. We were required to illustrate any two Aesop’s fables. This piece illustrates the fable “The Swallow and the Other Birds.”

The swallow warns the other birds to eat the hemp seeds that a farmer is sowing. The birds disregard the swallow and the hemp grows. The farmer makes the hemp into rope that is used to make a net; the net is used to capture the birds. The moral of the fable is “Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin.” I chose this fable to illustrate because I wanted to draw a lot of birds but I also think the moral of this fable is especially relevant right now: Stop burning fossil fuels and eating meat, or earth will become uninhabitable.

I am so excited that the Society picked it to be a part of the student scholarship show and looking forward to the reception and meeting the other winners in May!

Victoria’s image, The Swallow and other Birds, was chosen for the cover of this year’s Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship catalog! This is a great honor. The Illustration department congratulates Victoria!

civiello_domenic_03Domenic Civiello

Botanical South America is an info-graphic illustrated map made to characterize and capture the immense landscape, jungle and botanical life that thrive on the continent of South America.

The map was created in Professor John Roman’s Technical Illustration course. I set out to assemble all the information and organize many different items of interest into a simplified, legible and fun image.

Botanical South America utilizes a variety of media including graphite, ink, watercolor, and digital. After many attempts, I was able to achieve the right solution to organize the different plant life specific to each South American country. To emphasize the plants and add to the character of the image, I incorporated random edges to the lines the outside of the continent, which gave the map an organic and natural shape as plants might have, while also maintaining the actual shape of the continent.


A dirt path weaves in and out of all the countries, between the plants and rivers, replicating a sense of adventure for the viewers as they travel deep in the jungles of South America.

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