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January 19, 2017
by alice.stanne

Illustration Student’s Drawing Acquired into MassArt Library’s Permanent Collection

An original drawing by MassArt Illustration junior, Minru ‘Dora’ Wang was recently acquired by the Massachusetts College of Art Library for framing and display in the library, and to be included in the library’s permanent collection of art. Dora’s illustration was traditionally hand-drawn and digitally colored for an assignment in John Roman’s Technical Illustration course and depicts a 180-degree scene of the MassArt Library’s interior. Her drawing successfully captures the library environment in an engaging, panoramic, wide-angle view. Students and faculty can see Dora’s marvelous, framed artwork exhibited on the library’s 13th floor.

November 18, 2016
by alice.stanne

Student Awards

As we get near the end of 2016, we’ve been looking at some of the achievements of our illustration students.

We are proud to see our students get the nod this year from so many respected national competitions which have included the Society of Illustrators, 3×3, Creative Quarterly, Communication Arts, World Illustration Awards and the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.

The Illustration Department is also incredibly proud that one of our students, Krista Perry, graced the cover of the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition this year. This is the second year in a row that one of our students were selected for such a competitive placement!

Other highlights include student Elise Guillen won a $1,500 scholarship from the Society of Illustrators and Dominic Civiello was profiled in Communication Arts and won a Bronze Medal from 3×3.

Below you will find some of the great art that was represented in these competitions. Congratulations to all of the students!


Alexis DeLeon, Society of Illustrators


Caitlin Mavilia, Creative Quarterly


Tosh Spencer, Society of Illustrators


Dominic Civiello, Creative Quarterly


Caitlin Mavilia, 3 x 3


Victoria Maxfield, Society of Illustrators


Dominic Civiello, Creative Quarterly


Caitlin Mavilia, Creative Quarterly


Dominic Civiello, Creative Quarterly


Dominic Civiello, Creative Quarterly

November 14, 2016
by alice.stanne

The Art of Awards


Wojciech Wolynski has been teaching in the Illustration Department at MassArt for 19 years. One special contribution from Wojciech has been his many delightful Faculty Special Recognition Awards that are presented to a handful of students at the end of the year to acknowledge exceptional achievement. The entire Illustration faculty votes to choose which students will receive an award.

Most of us do not get to see these witty and beautiful certificates, so here they are!

Wojciech Wolynski Award Certificates

November 7, 2016
by alice.stanne

Alumni News!

Illustration alum Dimel Rivas (BFA’16) and current Illustration senior Alexa Gustafson were chosen to participate in a Día de los Muertos exhibition at 13 Forest Gallery to celebrate Capitol Square’s annual Day of the Dead festivities in Arlington.img_4221

Dimel Rivas with her three-dimensional installation about the joyous reunion between family members, both living and dead, that is celebrated on Día de los Muertos.static1-squarespaceAlexa Gustafson‘s lithograph references much of the iconography of Día de los Muertos, especially the marigolds that are laid out to attract the souls of the dead.


Alum Amanda Gibson (BFA’16) took a strong interest in building three-dimensional work in her time in the Illustration program. She has recently channeled that passion into creating and building puppets with Puppet Showplace Theater for the Franklin Park Zoo’s Midnight Zoo show.

The Midnight Zoo surrounds visitors with never-before-seen creatures from the farthest realms of the imagination. This haunted habitat features over 20 fantastical creatures ranging in size from tiny to over 8 feet tall.amandagibsonAmanda has also been performing in the show as one of the stilt walking Rutach creatures! In addition she continues to design, develop and build her own unique 3-D creatures.amandagibson2

October 17, 2016
by alice.stanne

Boston Campaign Headquarters: In Nothing We Trust

Boston Campaign Headquarters: In Nothing We Trust
Pat Falco’s Campaign Headquarters at Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Summer 2016
by Professor Suzanne Barnes


Since graduating from Massart’s Illustration department in 2010, Pat Falco has been busy ascending the art ladder of recognition. After running the Lincoln Arts Project gallery in Waltham, he went on to direct the Distillery Gallery in South Boston. His work was selected for the prestigious DeCordova Biennial in 2013, and in 2014, he was artist in residence at Boston Center for the Arts, creating a different site-specific public art installation around Boston each day during the month of November. In the summer of 2015 he created a block of painted store fronts on Georges Island in the Boston Harbor, poking wry dry fun at a variety of urban establishments.


Pat’s most recent project, “Boston Campaign Headquarters”, was installed this summer in an empty storefront in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, in the heart of historic Boston. The headquarters is dedicated to the election of candidate Nobody, filled with low budget office items like folding chairs and tables, a beat up copy machine, cheap landline phone, vintage television, jars of pens, an assortment of office supplies, and discarded take out food boxes.


Displayed within this setting is a large collection of red, white, and blue banners and signage, hand-painted in the distinctive Falco typeface with slogans like: “Yes We Can’t”, “Vote Lesser Evil”, “Nobody Cares About You”, “Good Enough for Someone”, “Even You (well maybe not you) Could Be President”, “With Liberty and Justice for Some”, “Together We Can Make America Better Wider Great Not That Bad”, “Pretend to be Heard”, and “The Silent Majority: Because It’s Too Embarrassing to Say Out Loud”. There’s even a shelf of familiar red baseball caps that read “Make America Great For the First Time”.


In making slight revisions to typical campaign slogans, Pat reveals the untruths of the originals, in the same way he’s previously applied his painted voice to the art world, relationships, and an assortment of social issues. His observations are funny, irreverent, melancholy, and true. Pat’s installation is a contemplative experience as well. Nothing is happening and literally, nobody is there. Pat’s headquarters project received some great reviews, including The Boston Globe, WBUR, and Big Red and Shiny. Although the headquarters are now closed, you can see pictures on Pat’s website.


May 2, 2016
by alice.stanne

Morton Godine Travel Fellowship Award

small_Atomic CityIllustration senior Eileen McIntire was awarded the Morton Godine Traveling Fellowship for 2016. This fellowship is awarded to a graduating Junior or Senior to help defray the cost of travel for the purpose of completing a well-defined project having artistic merit. The award is for $5,000.00. Eileen plans to travel to Los Angeles this summer to conduct research for illustrations for a graphic novel she plans to publish.

A description of her project in her own words:

“Since I won the Morton Godine travel grant I’ve been getting a lot of questions. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? When I tell them I’m traveling to Los Angeles to gather research for a quiet introspective graphic novel about the twilight of ones greatest passion, they say “Huh. Why didn’t you ask to go somewhere more exotic or exciting?” But the truth is, I couldn’t imagine a more exciting venture. The story I will be adapting is called The Precipice of Angels, a short story by deceased member of the Firesign Theater, Phil Austin. My father was a great fan of Austin’s work, and my bedtimes were filled with his bizarre tales and solemn humor. The Precipice of Angels follows the solo climb of an aging “boulevardiste” pursuing his most challenging expedition over the rooftops of Wilshire Boulevard. During his aerial journey down the legendary boulevard now fallen from greatness, he reflects on the twilight of his once grand secret society of horizontal climbers. The story has always been a favorite of mine, and I am honored that the Austin estate has shown such support. The real truth of the matter is that diving into Austin’s vivid imagination and haunting tale is the most exotic place I could possibly go.”

Eileen’s depictions of shadowy architectural spaces were recently featured in an article for Drawing Magazine, written by Illustration Professor John Roman.

Congratulations to Eileen!

small_The Great Eggscapesmall_DILY 15

April 29, 2016
by alice.stanne

Experimental Illustration & Dig Boston – Spring Challenge

Every spring Bob Maloney’s Experimental Illustration class collaborates with DigBoston to create a piece for their Dig This Arts & Entertainment section of the paper. Each student makes their own piece celebrating the change of seasons, drawing inspiration from various traditions and myths of cultures around the world.

Congratulations to Dimel Rivas, whose piece was selected to be published in the paper this week!

Dimel Rivas-Winner

Says Dimel about the piece: “The Spaniard tradition in welcoming the spring time revolves around the Las Fallas Parade. A parade in which whimsical sculptures, fantasy floats and caricature commentary on popular events is celebrated and discarded of in a grand bonfire. I decided to use this celebration to inspire my own caricature commentary on the ever popular 2016 elections”

Scroll through the slideshow to see other student submissions:

Experimental Illustration - DigBoston Spring 2016

April 26, 2016
by alice.stanne

Illustration Students Featured in Drawing Magazine

by Visiting Lecturer, John Roman

Several Illustration Department students are having their work featured in the Spring issue of Drawing magazine. The article,“Principles of Panoramic Drawing,” written by faculty member John Roman is based on one of his perspective drawing assignments. The students featured in the article include, Alexa Gustafson (class of 2017), Caitlin Mavilla (2016), Amanda Watkins (2015), Eileen McIntire (2016), Dylan McCusker (2016), and Kathleen Ohara (2017). The Spring issue will be in bookstores May 10th. The student’s work has also been posted on the Artist’s Network blog.

Drawing magazine publishes 40,000 copies which are distributed nationally. Each issue is also offered in a Digital Version which is in addition to the 40K printed copies. Drawing also has subscribers internationally and is available on newsstands throughout the country.


Abigail McCoy

A perfectly-executed panoramic drawing from observation completed on-site inside Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. With spontaneity of line and a self-assured handling of the marker medium, artist Abigail McCoy (MassArt: Class of 2015) powerfully crafted this wide-angle depiction and successfully conveys the broad expanse of the Gardner Museum’s interior courtyard.

See more student work after the break.
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