Revisioning Art Education at Montserrat College of Art with “Beyond the Lesson Plan: A Dialogue on Teaching and Learning in the Arts”

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Beyond the Lesson Plan:

A Dialogue on Teaching and Learning in the Arts

Saturday, April 4, 2015: 10am – 6:30pm

Montserrat Galleries is thrilled to host Beyond the Lesson Plan: A Dialogue on Teaching & Learning in the Arts on April 4, 2015. Inspired by radical developments within the field of Art Education and an increasing emphasis on teaching, learning and pedagogy as media in contemporary art, Curator of Education Maggie Cavallo was inspired to create a platform for conversation around these topics. Beyond the Lesson Plan will include three presentations exploring the ways we learn with and through the arts, how this affects our communities and classrooms and the potential for arts learning to spur social change.


Workshop and Events Schedule:

10:30 – 12:00 PM Why We Make Art: Nansi Guevara & Moana ‘Ulu’ave

Art Education is a moment of recognition, an understanding
of why you make art, your passion to share it and how these intentions, shared amongst arts educators, can have a direct effect on social change. In this workshop, Guevara, ‘Ulu’ave and our audience will share stories of creating art in abundance, in scarcity and as resistance through writing, drawing and sketching. Identifying the connections and networks between our shared experiences, we will complete the fist steps of developing a shared vision, key to social justice work in arts education.


1:00 – 2:30pm– Exercises for the Quiet Eye: Dr. Annie V.F. Storr

Storr will share with us an ensemble of guided-looking techniques she has developed for classrooms, museums, galleries and lifelong learning or spiritual communities. These extensions of inquiry-based methods of art interpretation open up from quiet, centered experiences aimed to help viewers slowdown and avoid a rush to premature “understanding.”


2:30 – 4:00pm– Challenging Ableism through Arts Education: 

Tasha Chemel, Hannah Hanssenss-Reed and Ava Kerr 

Ableism exists everywhere and is rarely challenged. In this session we will think about two questions: what are our responsibilities as artists and educators to dismantle ableism? Are there qualities of the arts, and our knowledge as artists and educators that enable us to create opportunities to challenge ableism and nurture variability?

*Workshops Location: 23 Essex Street, Beverly MA, Room 201 


5:00 – 6:30pm– Student Poetry & Storytelling event with Moana ‘Ulu’ave

Join Moana ‘Ulu’ave and Montserrat students for a Student Poetry and Storytelling event. Listen to works created by your campus community throughout the week during Moana’s class visit to Creative Writing and open hours in the Writing Studio.

*Event Location: Montserrat Main Gallery 



You Must Register for This Event: 

REGISTER via email to

Please include your contact information and which session(s) you plan to attend.

*Sessions are free to students, pay-what-you wish for staff, alumni and the general public.


Nansi Guevara, Do Not Cross.
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Revisioning Art Education at Montserrat College of Art with “Beyond the Lesson Plan: A Dialogue on Teaching and Learning in the Arts”

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