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2011 MFA Design graduate from DMI

November 12, 2013
by lou suSi

The most important part about tomorrow …

The most important part about tomorrow is not the technology or the automation, but that man is going to come into entirely new relationships with his fellow men. He will retain much more in his everyday life of what we term the naïveté and idealism of the child. I think the way to see what tomorrow is going to look like is just to look at our children.

— R. Buckminster Fuller

September 10, 2013
by lou suSi

the option to ‘make it’

Ninety-nine percent of humanity does not know that we have the option to ‘make it’ economically on this planet and in the Universe. We do. It can only be accomplished, however, through a design science initiative and technological revolution.

R. Buckminster Fuller
from Critical Path, 1981

February 2, 2013
by lou suSi

On our relationship with technologies

The attribution of intelligence to machines, crowds of fragments, or other nerd deities obscures more than it illuminates. When people are told that a computer is intelligent, they become prone to changing themselves in order to make the computer appear to work better, instead of demanding that the computer be changed to become more useful.

— Jaron LanierYou are Not a Gadget

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