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all over the place, as usual, when it comes to reading and research — childsplay: the art of allan kaprow and STELARC: the monograph are both extremely generous gifts from a while back from David Tamés, and i’m finally, finally, finally getting around to reading them — David claimed a while back that my research and work in cyberSurreal investigation at Dynamic Media Institute might actually have less to do with the Surrealist Internationale and all the activities and philosophies begun by André Breton and much more to do with Allan Kaprow’s Happenings, blurring art and life through loosely orchestrated lifelike art events — and now, after this much-delayed, continued research, i think i have to admit my co-conspirator in provocative cyberSurreal curatorial mayhem at MassArt indeed picked up on the vibe i seemed to admit way back when in 2010 { or so } — really exhilarating to think about this new set of reading to re-contextualize my thinking and intent

Andy Clark’s Mindware — the perfect holiday gift from my wife, Carol — steeps me, as of late, back in the realm of the truly cyberSurreal — artificial intelligence, robotics, the transposition of how we think as human beings into a more mechanistic and invented ‘other’ for us to play with — very fascinating terrain for me to tapdance upon indeed — and bits and pieces of my self-gifted Lost at Sea: the Jon Ronson Mysteries also reinforce my perspectives on our travels through the uncanny valley, this strange technohumanic ecosystem we’ve been dealing with for a while now — his chapter ‘Does Everyone Have a Solar’ delves into this perplexing relationship we all have with our technologies through the extremely exaggerated position of inventors and caretakers of Zeno and Bina48 — no spoiler alerts here just yet, but let’s just say the conversations and interactions come off as anything but fluid, natural or human in any way

Author: lou suSi

lou suSi is an accomplished designer focused on ux, design education, curation, performance, dynamic media, humor and cyberSurrealism — lou earned his MFA in Design from Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2011 — he currently works as an interdependent artist and lead user experience designer and innovation architectural consultant as lou suSi DESIGN

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