EVENTWORKS 2017-2018

HELLO! New Eventworks team here! We’re working on re-vamping this site at the moment, but we’re super excited to be bringing accessible, public events to MassArt and the surrounding Boston area! Keep your eyes peeled for event updates coming soon, and follow us on Eventworks’ various social media platforms!


IG: @eventworkssim


Tonight!!! Art in the Dome!

Geodesy is the first event of Eventworks Spring Festival! The event will premiere Eventwork’s new geodesic dome.

This event features screenings of fulldome videos created by the Art, Science, and Immersive Media course at MassArt. Earth Tongues will be performing in between screenings.

Today at 7 PM – 10 PM
Pozen Center for Interrelated Media
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Corner of Tetlow and Evans Way, off corner of 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston MA

SIM Big Show

The SIM Big Show is an opportunity for our major (studio for interelated media) to present our artwork to the rest of the Massart community. We’re allowed an entire evening as well as every space in our department to put together a showcase of everything from sculptural lighting pieces to prostetic masks, from installations, to musical performance, and the list goes on. SIM is made up of extrmely driven and tallented artists, but since our mediums vary so dramatically it’s often difficult to describe our acedemic structure to peers and faculty outside of the major. The Big Show id a perfect opportunity to introduce them to what it is we do.

This year the evenetworks team is using the Big Show as an example of our skillset in planning, producing, and exhibiting artwork in a clean professional manner. Although SIM is often described as sloppy, unorganized, and unprofessional; our education is highly geared towards being professional artist and learning how to present our work in a resectable manner. So the show will serve as our example of the education.

Freak Show, October 31st

is an interactive dance party / performance evening hosted by Massart’s eworks. The event is a representation of early American circuse culture and the pain that came along with freakshows. Our event is an attempt to adjust the the stigma associated with “freaks” and introduce the word as one to be celebrated. We are inviting fellow students, faculty, and neighbors to get their freak on.


Experimental Production in Boston

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