Problem to Purpose: A Handbook of Uses for Weeds of the Boston Fens

Fall 2012 Visual Language Class (Professor Jane D. Marsching)
24 11” X 17” Prints

After our time exploring the Fens with Massart’s scientist in residence Nathan Phillips and learning about the different types of invasive species that are found there, we felt the need to challenge the negatives connotations of weeds. Through researching particular plants growing in the Fens we developed unique purposes for each of them based on their advantage for using our everyday lives. In our words, sustainability is finding uses for the less commonly used resources in the Boston area. We have found that sourcing overlooked materials to make common objects is more sustainable than purchasing new materials each time. We compiled these instructables into a downloadable pdf—access it using the QR code or at blogs.massart.edu/climate/weeds

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