Tuesday Team Meeting Notes 10-2-12

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  • Announcements/Updates
  1. Anna
    1.                                  i.     Facebook interactions increase!
    2.                                ii.     Jonathan Said window space in student development
    3.                               iii.     Moved equipment into SGA room
    4.                              iv.     AC go to Jonathan for reimbursement
    5. Keith
      1.                                  i.     Soil was purchased
      2.                                ii.     Recruited a Wentworth girl
      3. Possible wentworth space connections
        1.                               iii.     Picked out seeds
        2. Chamomile
        3. Basil
        4. Lavender
        5. Coriander/Cilantro
        6. Lettuce
          1.                              iv.     Green House can be used
          2.                                v.     Pulled out aphids
          3.                              vi.     Garden Store/Soil guy
          4. Possible connection for discounts
          5. Promote for discounts?
          6. AC
            1.                                  i.     Approved Logo
            2.                                ii.     Workshop pamphlet complete
            3. Change logo next time
              1.                               iii.     Talked to Tommy
              2. Waiting on budget updates
                1.                              iv.     Soil was $42
  • Issues and Solutions
  1. Roof availability delayed
    1.                                  i.     Write letter of compensation
    2. 1.   Start with Structure
    3. a.   We’re helping them by mainting space for future
    4. b.   They should compensate for our midseason space
    5. Time for planting seeds
      1.                                  i.     Keith’s job
      2. Choose locations and get indoor boxes going
        1.                                  i.     Keith
        2. d.   Spray aphids with spray
  • Schedule for the Week
  1. Thursday
    1.                                  i.     Self Watering Container Demo and give aways
    2. Anna S- Felt and bottles
    3. Keith +AC- Soil
    4. Keith- Seeds
      1.                                ii.     Keith
      2. Plant: Squash
      3. Workshop: Self Watering containers
      4. Local In’s: Fridays are Copley market days, get it while it’s still here, last month! Thursdays is South Station
  • Tasks
  1. Keith:
    1.                                  i.     Decide how much space to use this winter
    2.                                ii.     What to use in it
    3.                               iii.     Talk Laura Flynn about getting your SGA alternate ID swipe for room access
    4. FB posts about workshop
    5. Aphids spraying
    6. Recap Thursday collage
    7. e.   October Calendar
      1.                                 i.     Veggies
      2. 1.   Corn
      3. 2.   Squash
      4. 3.   Apples
      5. 4.   Gords/Pumpkins Revisited
      6. f.     November Calandar
        1.                                 i.     1st week workshop
        2. 1.   Medicinal
        3. g.   Decide where and who will ask about spaces
        4. h.   Self watering container decorating fb competition 
  • Brainstorms
  1. Making Tools (Karissa) commission

Notes from Thursday 9-27-12 PUMPKIN

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Thursday September 27th, 2012

GC Meeting Structure


Summary: Double Wammy intro to mini outside workshop (garlic needs to sit) guest speaker so it’s as if we have two plants of the week.


  • Announcements
    • SGA
      • Budget Forms in $500
      • Locker
      • Storage Space
  • Sustainability Conference
    • Lots of Ideas
      • One is to do random acts of kindness to simply build our identity as a community focused group.
  • Blog, Tumblr, and FB
  • Introductions
    • Matt
    • Mike
    • Loiri
    • Jess
    • Kristen
    • Keith
    • Anna Clark
    • Rosemary
    • Plant
      • The Pumpkin
        • Growing
          • Rows (like kale) as vines on the ground
            • Trim – take off the small vines
        • March-April
        • Long Season – 1 harvest the whole year
        • Super healthy plant
          • JESS- their all over south Africa
    • Harvesting
      • Classic NE
        • Next year at MassArt
    • Pumpkin Pie!
    • Activity
      • Garlic Intro
        • Mike Zaia
          • Organically Berlin MA (salamanpond mall)
          • Good for you
            • Lowers cholesterol
            • Fights acne
            • Fights heart disease
        • Harvest
          • Grow in growned
          • Hang upside down
        • You can eat every part of the plant
        • Ward off aphids
          • Same for Colorado potatoe beetle too
  • Aphids Poison Recipe
    • Dishwashing soap
    • Local-In
      • SOWA Market on Sundays- Only one more month and the rest of the harvest season.
      • Up-Coming
        • October!
        • Self Watering Containers!
        • Moving all donated equipment into storage!
        • Maybe pumpkin carving??? BYOP
        • Member Announcements
          • Mike
            • Garden Company Boss can come and talk about installing gardens

Team Meeting Notes 9/25/12

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  1. Announcements/updates/successes
  2. SGA $500 – come next month
    1.                                  i.     Total budget $1000
    2.                                ii.     Budget Forms are in.
    3.                               iii.     Aphids are killing the plants almost completely
    4. Garden
      1.                                  i.     Red Russian Kale is almost dead
      2.                                ii.     Chard is doing superb
      3.                               iii.     Pick the produce
      4. Publicity
        1.                                  i.     Working on the logo
        2.                                ii.     Workshop handouts
        3.                               iii.     Weekly Recap/highlight fb post
        4.                              iv.     Blog – Stabler’s hw
  3. Issues and Solutions
  4. Aphids = Garlic
  5. Garden Hose = Buy new one for spring
  6. Sourcing Soil = Keith + Cambridge
  7. Felt = Windmill fabrics
  8. Winter Space = Ask Library, Clarks Studio, Zorn’s Space
  9. Donated Goods = Moved on the first by all of us @ 8am
    1. Schedule for the Week
    2. Wednesday
      1.                                  i.     SGA
      2. Thursday
        1.                                  i.     Pumpkins
        2. Pumpkin Pie
        3. Friday
          1.                                  i.     Felt @ Windmill – Stabler
          2. Sat+Sunday
            1.                                  i.     Soil – Clark + Zorn
            2. Monday 10-1-12
              1.                                  i.      Moving items to storage
  10. Tasks
  11. Aphids Recipee
    1.                                  i.     Sourcing
    2. Keith
    3. Cheesecloth
    4. Mineral Soap
    5. Mike + Stabler
    6. Garlic
    7. Stabler
    8. Liquid Soap
    9. Clark
    10. Spray bottle
    11. Strainer
    12. Storing Goods
      1.                                  i.     Everyone- Monday 8am
      2. Washing Milk Containers
        1.                                  i.     Everyone 10-4
        2. Felt
          1.                                  i.     Anna- Friday
          2. Soil
            1.                                  i.     Clark and Zorn – Sat+ Sun
            2. Railing + Harness
              1.                                  i.     Stabler- Ask Jamie on Wednesday
              2. Facebook
                1.                                  i.     Pick Produce
                2. Keith- Hint to Pumpkin Day
                  1.                                ii.     Meeting Recap/Highlight
                  2. Clark – Friday
                    1. Thursday Meeting
                    2. Announcements
                      1.                                  i.     $1000
                      2.                                ii.     Dying Kale
                      3.                               iii.     Superb Chard
                      4.                              iv.     Next weeks meeting
                      5. Introductions
                      6. Plant
                        1.                                  i.     Pumpkins
                        2.                                ii.     Pie
                        3. Activity
                          1.                                  i.     Aphids Spray
  12. Brainstorm
  13. Sprouts workshop
  14. New Logo
  15. Lizzie Vigiano Photography for the Club

SGA Notes 9-19-12

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Garden Collective
SGA meeting notes

What will we do in the winter?-move things in to cafeteria?
-use garden labs
-create milk jug self watering systems

Will we collaborate with other green groups at school?
-lifestyle events
-plant/ pottery sales
-sculpture- making garden tools

How will we accommodate for theft?
-Group locker

*Free Stuff!
-10th floor donations from Austin (MassArt Farm)
-barrels that used to be used for trenches
-collaboration with re-store (wood, garden pots, thrifty re-usable materials, etc)
-Talk to *Lee McDonald* <supplies from 10th floor.

Possible construction in courtyard

CACP < recommended by Charlene.

Team Meeting Notes 9/18/12

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Garden Collective Meeting – Tuesday, September 18th 2012


  1. 1.   Announcements
  2. Green Book established: all handouts
  3. 8pm on Thursday nights (entire group), set time
  4. 8pm Tuesday nights (just core members)
  5. Thursday Swaray- huge success!
    1. 2.   SGA – Meeting tomorrow (12/19) at 1:30pm
    2. How to Start an SGA Group packet
    3. Write group charter together
    4. Budget Summary Form – big aspect of how they know we’re reliable
    5. Recommended plan 1-2 events per semester, really do them well
    6. Systematic structure, create schedule for Fall/Spring (budget comes from there)
      1. 3.   Keith’s Announcements
      2. Party was a success, prospective freshmen and juniors
      3. Met a man from the MassArt newspaper, great for publicity
        1. 4.   Publicity/Building Visibility
        2. Facebook group administrators
        3. Tumblr updates
        4. B/W Scan tag to link to Tumblr


  1. Calendar should be established and posted on the calendar
  2. One flyer per month


  1. Mission Statement & Charter have been written.
    1. Winter planning
    2. Anna C: jugs
    3. Keith: seeds/location
    4. Sophie: cheap felt


  1.                                  i.     Considering places for winter growing → we should go around to see what’s available (lights/windows)
  2.                                ii.     What to grow/where they need to be
  3.                               iii.     Mainly herbs/lettuce
  4.                              iv.     Self-watering containers → aim for 20-25 jugs for workshops (potential event)

Team Meeting Notes 9/11/12

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Start of Meeting




  • Xtreme gardening – with harnesses!
  • Thursday night approval signed off (completed)
  • Sunday cleanup
  • Fall plants are doing very well
  • Moved some smaller plants (beets, peppers) to fall box
  • Tomatoes nearing the end of harvest
  • Facebook invites – send out invites to everyone
  • Spoke with Mike Zaia about garlic – should think about planting garlic now


Sunday: Cleanup

  • 75% completed
  • Groomed tomato plants
  • Got rid of most aphids
  • Detangled garden and put it back together
  • Next step: Grooming for Thursday (unofficial start time is 6pm, but come when you can)
  • Cleaning up ground
  • Stacking palettes
  • Harvesting for hors d’oeuvres


Monday: Met with Johnny C. (5th year SIM guy)

  • Document
  • Photos (progress, experimentation, share them)
  • SGA
  • Need their approval (going to the meeting with a mission statement – who were are, why are we different than other groups?)
  • $500 start
  • Branding/Identity/Definition – will develop definite logo
  • Positions
  • Delegating all the work
  • All on the same page, everyone has a role
  • Logistics Manager/Event Coordinator – (Anna Stabler) high-level communicating, knows who to go to for this/that
  • Publicity – (Sophie London and Anna Clark) advertising, updating social media, Facebook group, consistency in photos, garnering more support
  • Head Gardener – (Keith Zorn) planning of where/when things are planted, communicating seasonal information to Publicists, should delegate what needs doing (need to accomplish A B and C)
  • Budget/Treasurer – (Anna Clark) SGA communicator, finding deals, where to spend it
  • Secretary – (Sophie London)
  • Branding
  • Need definite name/mission statement
  • Contacts
  • Nita, Head of SIM department (sustainability conferences, works with EventWorks)
  • Jonathan Santos (good for navigating the system)


Meeting with Jamie (Food & health safety services)


Meeting with Claudia

  • Head signature, getting everything  signed, provided table
  • Suggesting enhancing/utilizing green space on campus
  • Peripherals of courtyard
  • Trimming trees to allow sun exposure
  • Laura Flynn, Student Development contact (specializing in SGA)


SGA Requirements

  • Anna will go to SGA meetings


Thursday plans – Event held at 8pm

  • Cole & Keith – sound/music/lights duty
  • Anna S. – dishware
  • Sophie – Veggie Wash, toothpicks, napkins


Future Plans/Brainstorming:

  • Possible compost bin – suggestion? Could be awesome!!
  • Rez/Apartments – distributing bins
  • Informational source, posters to update students on what’s in season (common format)
  • Acknowledgements of volunteers
  • Simple sign made – “Thanks to [names] for your contributing help this summer”
  • Bake Sale – advertising at Starbucks
  • Teaching the lifestyle of farming (workshops)



  • Possible funding from Starbucks


Garden Goals (Keith)

  • Teaching
  • What makes us unique.
  • Important to teach for everyone involved
  • Sharing ideas
  • Mini Newsletter
  • Highlighting vegetable or herb of season

How to grow it

How to maintain it

How to cook it

How to use it in a special recipe

  • Holding Workshops
  • Show where the produce came from
  • How to
  • Maintain
  • Use
  • Medicines

i.e. natural remedies workshops

  • Veggie cards

Picture on one side

Info on back

  • Important to keep format for organization
  • Urban growing
  • Funding
  • Growing Space wise
  • South side windows only


Compute lab

  • Community Outreach
  • Different departments
  • Expermentations
  • Types of growing
  • Art growth

Shaping the fruit


  • Seeds
  • For roof top ASAP

Treasurer (Clark)

  • Funding
  • Transportation
  • Seeds
  • Seasonal materials
  • Bamboo
  • Rope
  • Trellacing
  • Print
  • Garden Boxes
  • Recycling materials

Contact restore for sorting

  • Glass covers
  • Hose Head
  • Damages plants with what we have
  • 50 plastic gallon drum/bucket
  • Composting
  • Garden Gloves
  • Jars for drying and preserving


Priority List

  • SGA group
  • ·      Thursday Garden Harvest Event
  • Regular Meeting Schedule
  • Dates
  • Every Thursday Evening at 8
  • Outlines
  • Updates/Announcements/Maitnence
  • Up coming events
  • Ideas
  • Prep for Winter Season
  • Finding Locations
  • Preparing Locations
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Ask around for spaces
  • Weeding roof top
  • Building up our garden area for the spring
  • Pruning tree’s
  • Beds

Sweet Swish Chard Sushi Wrap

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People Love Us! Gifts upon gifts upon gifts

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It’s as if it’s our birthday and we’re only around 5 months old! Like any good kid, we’ve got a list going of all our aquired goods

-SGA approved: They voted ‘Yay!’ unanimously!

-SGA appointed us a starting fall semester budget of $500

-Sustainable MassArt is sponsoring us with $500 (Total of $1,000 budget guys!)

-1st Meeting brought in new faces that have skills to contribute!!

-10th floor Donations from MassFarm (RIP)

-Jonathan Santos donating Garden Lab equipment : Heating lights, Dome, Seedling beds, and Seeds!

-Mike Zaia brought us garlic! AND has more!

-We have storage space through SGA and a locker!


Not even a month into school and we can rack all that off. Not too shabby. Here’s a recap of Thursday the 20th of September’s meeting…

Garden Harvest Welcome Soireé

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New Group. New Semester. New Year. New Faces. New Harvest! It was way more than a successful evening. Everyone pulled together to create quite the banger of a club event. Anna Clark made green salsa out of the gardens tomatoes, basil, jalepeño’s, and single onion as well as a fantastic tablecloth. Sophie London contributed tableware. Keith Zorn brought chips and his record player. Cole Wuilleumier took care of lighting to spotlight our bountiful garden. I brought swiss chard spring rolls with sushi rice and vegetables from the garden chopped and rolled up in the GC chard. And our community brought the fun. There was such an outpoor of garden love, dancing, ideas, food indulgence, and even a jalepeño contest…Keith lost miserably. Everyone had a ball and it was a bright start for our big year to come.

Summer Harvest

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This past summer a handful of our awesome green-heads made visits throughout the week to quench the thirst of our rapidly growing plants. Our small orange bags of tomato seedlings and a few various other little guys quickly outgrew their space. The short vines grew up to be an bush of a tomato hodge podge. Our team broke in for intervention come the start of Fall semester. Taking these bad boys down and harvesting our goods.

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