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Notes from Thursday 9-27-12 PUMPKIN

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  Thursday September 27th, 2012 GC Meeting Structure   Summary: Double Wammy intro to mini outside workshop (garlic needs to sit) guest speaker so it’s as if we have two plants of the week.   Announcements SGA Budget Forms in $500 Locker Storage Space Sustainability Conference Lots of Ideas One is to do random acts […]

Team Meeting Notes 9/25/12

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Announcements/updates/successes SGA $500 – come next month                                  i.     Total budget $1000                                ii.     Budget Forms are in.                               iii.     Aphids are killing the plants almost completely Garden                                  i.     Red Russian Kale is almost dead                                ii.     Chard is doing superb                               iii.     Pick the produce Publicity                                  i.     Working on the logo                                […]

SGA Notes 9-19-12

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Garden Collective SGA meeting notes What will we do in the winter?-move things in to cafeteria? -use garden labs -create milk jug self watering systems Will we collaborate with other green groups at school? -lifestyle events -plant/ pottery sales -sculpture- making garden tools -composting How will we accommodate for theft? -Group locker *Free Stuff! -10th […]

Team Meeting Notes 9/18/12

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Garden Collective Meeting – Tuesday, September 18th 2012   1.   Announcements Green Book established: all handouts 8pm on Thursday nights (entire group), set time 8pm Tuesday nights (just core members) Thursday Swaray- huge success! 2.   SGA – Meeting tomorrow (12/19) at 1:30pm How to Start an SGA Group packet Write group charter together Budget Summary […]

Team Meeting Notes 9/11/12

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Start of Meeting Recap of AWESOME SUCCESS THUS FAR   Announcements: Xtreme gardening – with harnesses! Thursday night approval signed off (completed) Sunday cleanup Fall plants are doing very well Moved some smaller plants (beets, peppers) to fall box Tomatoes nearing the end of harvest Facebook invites – send out invites to everyone Spoke with […]

Sweet Swish Chard Sushi Wrap

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People Love Us! Gifts upon gifts upon gifts

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It’s as if it’s our birthday and we’re only around 5 months old! Like any good kid, we’ve got a list going of all our aquired goods -SGA approved: They voted ‘Yay!’ unanimously! -SGA appointed us a starting fall semester budget of $500 -Sustainable MassArt is sponsoring us with $500 (Total of $1,000 budget guys!) […]

Garden Harvest Welcome Soireé

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  New Group. New Semester. New Year. New Faces. New Harvest! It was way more than a successful evening. Everyone pulled together to create quite the banger of a club event. Anna Clark made green salsa out of the gardens tomatoes, basil, jalepeño’s, and single onion as well as a fantastic tablecloth. Sophie London contributed […]

Summer Harvest

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This past summer a handful of our awesome green-heads made visits throughout the week to quench the thirst of our rapidly growing plants. Our small orange bags of tomato seedlings and a few various other little guys quickly outgrew their space. The short vines grew up to be an bush of a tomato hodge podge. […]


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Our Story …began with an semester-long exhibition in the Paine Gallery of MassArt. The exhibit was ‘The Garden Lab’, a full semester of growing opportunities for the community to engage in. It showed a tremendous following by the end of its run with a load of seedlings on the verge of abandonment. So a few green-go’ers […]

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