Fund our Raises

If you have not already contacted your legislators about the funding the MSCA raises (for full-time and adjunct faculty) and it’s an issue that concerns you, here’s what you do…

Follow this link:

Enter your name and contact information and hit the send button. It takes 30 seconds. 

There is an e-mail message already drafted that will be sent to the appropriate people based on the address you enter.

You can edit the message as you see fit, but you don’t need to.  It couldn’t be easier.

Tentative Agreement Reached for Contract

I am tremendously pleased to report that the MSCA was able to resolve the final two issues that were in dispute from the tentative agreement (TA) reached back on July 8th.  We reached final resolution on these matters in a meeting with the employer on Monday, August 25th.

The final language of the TA has been agreed to and signatures will be put to paper in the next couple of days.  The TA, and an addendum to it, have been posted on the MSCA website and can be viewed at:

Under the MSCA Constitution, the MSCA Board of Directors will be making a recommendation on whether the membership should vote in favor of ratification.  This will take place at its meeting on September 5th.  Once the MSCA Board establishes the times, dates and locations for ratification, that information will be forwarded and posted.

Opening Day

The faculty and librarians will meet and have lunch on Opening Day, Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, after the morning Strategic Planning program wraps up.

Trustees Room at noon. A buffet will be available in the gallery space on 11.

Here’s the tentative agenda:

  • State of the Union (MSCA)
  • Parking
  • ACC / Promotions / Tenure Committee Elections
  • Faculty Communications: forum and monthly meetings
  • Committee Assignments
  • Governance Committee Meeting Minutes
  • MassArt MSCA Union Website
  • ORP Update
  • MassArt MSCA Chapter Constitution
  • New Business