MassArt Fashion Design 1907 – Present
One of the oldest fashion and textile design programs in the United States


1932 Textile Design  1907
Designs for Wallpaper, Textiles, Costume Courses
Annie Blake



1925 - Students1  1915
Pattern Drafting and Draping Practice
Costume Model (historic costume) Medium
Martha Flint


Industrial Art Education aims to train teachers, designers, illustrators, draftsmen, and craftsmen for industrial art leadership in the promotion of Massachusetts education, manufactures and social life. Dress patterns, empty corners filled with dressforms, fitted with marvelous paper creations.’
Field trip to New York


1925 - Students2  1921
Costume Drafting and Proving Practice, Costume and Textile Design Programs
Practical training in some commercial houses of the city as a regular part of the senior year


  11924 early-fashion924
Boston Sunday Post News “Cave-Girls” In Anniversary Frolic of Back Bay Art School



Retail Trade and Theatre Design Courses

Art in Trade Course
Evening School Program  – Costume Illustration Course

The Pageants


1940 Illustration  1940
Costume Design – graduating class 20
“Fates of the Fashionists” – The charming all knowing one who is the authority on what to do and when to do it!


1945 Textile Design  1950
  Courses in Design, Color, Textile, Design Research and Drawing



Fashion Design Department provides students with the professional attitudes and skills necessary for work in the field. Our leaders in the fashion field add to the beauty and grace of living and express the spirit and feelings of our time.

Why not start with winter? A determined sprout pushing itself through semi-frozen soil announces spring. Explore! Take all that life offers – and   with enthusiasm – spring is youth (of course!) why not start with winter? And end with spring.
Eveline von Ladau


1968 Students Group  1969
Fashion Design Department
Jean Croatti Shohan, Chair
Zulmira Almeida


1972 Students  1981
  Study Abroad to Paris Fashion Institute



1998 Show - Runway of the Arts  1998
Outdoor Fashion Show along newly named Avenue of the Arts



Fiandaca Exhibit and Fete
Computer-aided Design


2006 Poster SPIRIT  2004
Fashion Design Certificate Program
Professional and Continuing Education



2007 Poster DEBUT  2007 – 100th Anniversary
Fashion Design Department practice is based on the philosophy that fashion is an art form as well as a significant economic factor in our society.



2011 CAD Lab 4  2008
Mimaki donation to support digitally printed textiles



2012 Travel - Brazil  2009
Travel Course to Fortaleza, Brazil



2012 Revere Catwalk  2010
Collaborations with Italian Trade Commission, RadiciSpandex and Revere Hotel



2010 Travel - Paris  2012
Travel Course to Antwerp, Belgium and Paris, France



2015 Show Morgan Hill  2014
  Fashion Design Foundation Scholarships
Full-Tuition (tuition and fees) for One Year
Awarded to students entering Junior and Senior Year


2015 Primark Window  2015
  Primark / MassArt Collaboration –
Scholarships, Interdisciplinary Course Window Design for Downtown Crossing store, and Primark Internship in Ireland, Summer 2016