This show was developed by the students of  Seminar VI: Exhibitions (AETE-412-01), taught by Professor Steven V. Locke in the spring of 2013 and made possible by the Department of Art Education at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Seminar VI: Exhibitions (AETE-412-01): 

This course explores the role and responsibilities of museums and galleries in presenting objects to the public. Coursework examines the history of museums and the rise of art collections for public viewing. Students work on a group project in which they develop an exhibition in conjuntion with a local cultural instituion. In addition to creating artwork for the show, the students focus on currating, insatlling and developing educational materials for the public. The class examines the Looking to Learn gallery education program at MassArt and visits Boston area galleries and museums as part of the course work.

Student Roles: 

Interviews:  Rose Grushkin & Brianna de L’airre
Documentation:  Hailey Drummond, Emma Cantrell & Jess Homen
Promotion: Rachel McCarthy, Taylor Tierney, Jess Homen, & Emma Cantrell
Catalogue Essay: Karen Beaty
Catalogue Design: Jess Homen, Emma Cantrell, Brie Flora, & Hailey Drummond
Education: Sarah Sharp, Emma Cantrell, Liana Farmer, & HC Huynh
Installation/Deinstallation: Brie Flora, Timothy Sim, Curtis Grynkewicz, & Taylor Tierney
Curation: Emma Cantrell, Sarah Sharp, HC Huynh, Liana Farmer, & Curtis Grynkewicz
Event Coordination: Jessica Cormier, Brianna de L’airre, Alisha Baker, Brie Flora, & Rachael Kulik
Fundraising: Brianna de L’airre & Jessica Cormier
Liasons: Karen Beaty, Rose Grushkin, & Alisha Baker
Web Support: Jess Homen, HC Huynh & Rachael Kulik

Special Thanks: 

Steve Locke, Lois Hetland, Kyle Brock, Scott Alberg, Noah Booshu, Aimee Debose, Kathy Douglas, Jenn Hall, Claudia LeClair, Deborah Simmerman, Ted Southwick and Maureen Kelly.

Many heartfelt thanks to our beloved Dr. John Crowe for generously sharing his art, teaching and research with us.

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